Dirty Hands 1: Greece

Villy Baka and Eleanne Semitelore are coming from Greece and they are here our first interviewed for the series DIRTY HANDS, or “people who are doing something concrete even if the world is like crapping down and dying slowly”. Too pessimistic? Not at all, these people have still big smiles and so much energy (this is the point in which people who knows me, actually recognize me as the always sentimental girl).

The point is that me, myself and I, are risking to loose the point in this so big conference and with all these speakers maybe is better to look for real dirty hands, i mean people please LET ME KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I need concrete messages of hope.

Villy and Eleanne are blond and strong, they speak a good english (oh yes, even if they’re form Greece) and they are here to say that Greece has a future, and it’s their. They study politics and serious matters concerning the world and they are member of the youth boards of Unesco in Greece.

“The situation is really bad in our country right now,” says Eleanne, “but we are trying to react, I mean there is so much to do”. Ok we know it, but please GIVE US AN EXEMPLE:

“Oh sure. We’re organizing an artistic exposition in Athens, in which we will collect the artistic works of greek young artists operating during the economic crisis. We don’t want just works related to the crisis, but we would like to say to the world and to our country that crisis means also creation, not just distruction. We would like to give them a place where to express themselves.”

And the money to do it OF COURSE are coming from Unesco.

“Actually no,” says Villy, “Money are coming from nowhere. We don’t have a budget for it, it’s just volunteer work done by young people like us. We don’t have choice, and we still want to do something”.

They don’t have choice, i mean they cannot choice between “not doing something just because there is no money and to do it as well”. These are goods dirty hands.


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