Gender equalities: the never ending fight

Just to let you know, here is full of women. My boss is a woman, her assistant is a woman, the boss of my boss is a woman, and the boss of them is another woman: then there is the main group assisting the Director General (a woman, the first one leading Unesco) and guess what: they are all women. So. The problem now is mine: why I am just noticing so much when women are at the top, heading important sectors or institution? Maybe because is so far from what is happening in my country, so terribly far. In Italy, if somewhere there are a lot of women (and if we are not in a school), it means that somebody obliged them to call women representatives. And this is sad.

So somebody of you (especially people who know me), could argue that I am terribly boring always speaking about gender stuff, but I think that it’s so dangerous to forget to fight for it because actually nothing is really changing.


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