When the big listen to the little

Could you imagine that at the top of Unesco, in a  room where all the big big big big staff meet every morning to speak about the important stuff of the day there is a big monitor with twitter account??? Yes, I am serious. The big big big staff, is just reading what young delegates twits in order to better understand what is happening over there (Ok they could just go there and watch it, but I mean, this is revolutionary: burocratic people in suits and ties reading twits of 20 years old delegates? I have to be honest, i like it).

The group of youth Bloggers has been called at the morning meeting of this Unesco Staff just to explain what they are seeing and doing in this forum. (Yes, what?). And i swear, they were actually listening at you and sometimes smiling (we’re even funny)!

So just one suggestion young delegates, RAISE YOUR VOICE, because even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like this, THEY (and i mean, the real THEY, the big and powerful one) ARE LISTENING, AND READING.


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