Martina Castigliani

I am Martina Castigliani or as they say in France I am Martina Castighhhliani.

Student at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris with a project research on Iran and the failure of the Revolution of 1979. In love with revolutions, in trouble with Paris.

Journalist since the age of 18, free lancer for all the newspaper in the world who decide to accept her writings. Vice Director of the crazy project, I have been writing for Il Venerdì di Repubblica,,, La Gazzetta di Reggio, L’Idioteca, L’Humanité, L’Oeil de l’Exilé, and I don’t remember who.

I opened this blog while participating in the 7th World Youth Forum organized by Unesco as a Youth Blogger and I just got in love with blogging and twitting and whatever. I was there just to show to the world that the youth forum was actually something different than only BLA BLA. And maybe, while convincing the world I tried to convince myself as well. What I’m really convinced of is that, when something important is happening somewhere, we should keep our eyes on it, just to CHECK every step, because if we are awake they cannot do whatever they want. Surveillance and to be awake and to be active, I think is something similar who makes a democracy.

Twitter: @martcasti


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