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The Youth Report at the Unesco General Conference

Do you remember? At the end of the 7th Unesco Youth Forum, you, young and beautiful delegates coming from all over the world, you voted for a report who was supposed to be presented at the 36th Unesco General Conference. And do you remember? You voted for two young and beautiful delegates, Miika Tomi and Nasma Dasser, to be the ones in charge to present the report to the General Conference. Usually, we tend to forget about the last parts of our project: the forum was great, I met a lot of nice people, I started collaborating with others on amazing projects all over the world, and then, yes, it happens, we forget about the Report.

That’s why, I decided to go back to Unesco (and not only to follow the vote about Palestine, come on), to interview Nasma and Miika, the two chosen delegates with the more difficult task ever: to make the General Conference listen to them. 

Education, sustainable development, youth participation, improvement of the youth forum: these are the main four parts of the report that the young delegates approved at the Unesco Youth Forum. 27 concrete proposals presented to the Conference and one big goal: to raise-up the voices of young people.

Are they really listening to them? They think so and the importance of the Youth Report has been recognized by all the “old delegates”. Is Unesco, the right place in which to work for a real change? As says Nasma, “there is no single way to bring change. If you want to bring it to Unesco, do it; if you want to bring it to your family, your community, your society, just do it”.

That’s a great start. And don’t worry, Nasma and Miika we will continue following you.



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Earth Hands, who and why?

A journalist in Paris, documenting the 7th World Youth Forum organized by Unesco. Ok, me neither i don’t really trust this stuff, Unesco, people speaking bla bla, people again speaking bla bla, suits and ties, elegant people, official speeches, other official speeches etc etc. But actually I have a problem: I trust young people. I DEFINETELY KNOW that young people are so different from all this official stuff and I AM ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that they have so many concrete things. That’s why I am here, I think, and why I decided to open this blog just to let them speak on the net, because sometimes people just need to have a place where to say things. What they are doing for example.

Who I am? I am Martina Castigliani or as they say in France I am Martina Castighhhliani. I am a journalist and I am currently living and studying politics in Paris. I am participating in the 7th World Youth Forum organized by Unesco as a Youth Blogger and I am here just to show to the world that the youth forum is actually something different than only BLA BLA. And maybe, while convincing the world I’ll try to convince myself as well. What I’m really convinced of is that, when something important is happening somewhere, we should keep our eyes on it, just to CHECK every step, because if we are awake they cannot do whatever. Surveillance and to be awake and to be active, I think is something similar who makes a democracy.

EARTH HANDS, WHY? I do believe in the importance to have DIRTY HANDS  and not in the meaning of politicians doing bad stuff, but in the meaning to be seriously involved in life and every matter of life. The hands of our generation are so dirty and dirty of our mother lands: we are doing and creating projects and not just watching the world passing nearby. Earth is the only source which could save us in this bad global situation: we are coming back to our earth with our hands ready to be dirty. I think (and this is what we’ll check together in these days) that this people here in the Youth Forum have dirty hands and projects and things that they are doing in their countries and about which nobody is really speaking. Well, WE WILL DO IT.

Let’s start people. Just one thing before to start the game: I AM ITALIAN, like all the other italians, I love pizza, pasta, caffè and mandolin and my english is what it is, an italian english sometimes not so good.. so please accept my mistakes and please tell me something if you see any terrible mistake. I’ll do my best (but I think that if while you’re reading you imagine all this with an amazing italian accent, IT WILL BE SO FUNNY!).

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